On Assignment: Mixing Light with Finn O'Hara

Ed. note: I'm living on a bus for a bit. Please welcome today's guest poster, Finn O'Hara.

Good afternoon Strobistors. My name is Finn O'Hara, and I'll be your guest blogging pilot for the day.

I'm thrilled that David asked me to guest blog this week while he's off on his road trip of a lifetime. I greatly admire this site and it's community based approach to photography.

I'm most likely new to a lot of you, so I'll give you a little background on myself, and how I fit into the photography world. I first came to photography at a young age, as my father worked at Kodak after we emigrated to Canada from England. I dabbled in photography growing up, but it wasn't until 8 years ago that I started to take it more seriously.

I'm self taught, so my camera and lighting techniques are all cobbled from a few years of assisting, as well as a lot of trial and error. I specialize in location based portraiture, and some of my clients include Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Esquire, Time, Nike, Coca-Cola, and the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club.

After reading through the archive here, and pondering an appropriate lighting subject to write about, I realize that all the tools to enable you as a versatile photographer (lighting wise), are all here. So what I'd like to impart to you all is my lighting approach, which has established a somewhat recognizable style to my work, and I think it might offer some of you a next step in your own emerging lighting processes. Read more »


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