On Assignment: Miller Mobley's Birmingham Chaplain

Ed. Note: Today's guest post is the second of two, from NYC-based photographer Miller Mobley.

Back in December I was commissioned by a local magazine in Birmingham to do a series of portraits on hospital Chaplains. To be honest, I had not been given any art direction on how I should execute the photographs, I basically had the freedom to do what I wanted -- it's a great feeling by the way!

I immediately started to concept some ideas for the shoot. Unfortunately, I was not able to do a location scout of the hospital sanctuaries where these portraits would be taken. I decided that if I liked the location then I would do an environmental portrait and if I thought it was drab and boring I would setup a background. I had been practicing a new lighting setup that I really wanted to try on the Chaplains. So I was hoping for the background setup, and to my luck it just so happened. Read more »


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