Miller Mobley on Making Work for Your Portfolio

Editor's note: Please welcome New York-based photographer Miller Mobley as our guest poster today. Miller specializes in advertising, editorial and portrait photography.

I'm from a small town in Alabama known for it's college and more importantly its college football; Tuscaloosa. I had never picked up a still camera until I was entering my sophomore year of college at the University of Alabama.

I wanted to major in film production, but came to find out there was no such thing. The next best major was studio art with an emphasis of b&w darkroom photography. I picked up a camera and started taking pictures. As my junior year of college rolled around I was making tons of work, but really not getting paid for any of it. So I started meeting with ad agencies and magazines to show them my portfolio. Suddenly, things started picking up and I was getting quite a bit of work.

I decided that the whole college thing was not for me, so I dropped out and pursued photography full steam ahead. I'm now 24 years old and living in New York with my beautiful wife.

I first just want to thank David for giving me the platform to share, what a great opportunity! There are so many things that I wish I could talk about, but the one thing I want to focus on today is making work for your portfolio and of course the technique. Read more »


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