Flash The Bus

So we find out a few days before the TFB_Austin stop that we might actually be able to park the bus inside the venue if we were interested.

(Um, heck yeah, we're interested…)

Within about 5 seconds, it was decided that McNally would light and shoot it as part of the afternoon class. And I knew that Mr. Heinz 57 Speedlights would come up with something typically cool. But I wanted to grab it guerilla-style, before heading off to lunch, so I could have a souvy pic for myself.

Him: 19 cases of gear -- 1,000 pounds worth.
Me: Traveling light: 1 Nikon D7000, a 12-24 and a couple of SB-800s -- no stands, no mods.

Given that, I was happy with the ~3-min, lower-impact bus shot I got during the break. Keep reading for the "McNally wanna-be-on-the-cheap" version, and a link to the Real McCoy…Read more »


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