John Keatley's "Best in Show" Christmas Card

Ed. note: Today's guest post is from Seattle-based photographer John Keatley, who will shortly suggest you give yourself permission to blow $50 building your own set...

I know by now many of you are missing David while he’s off driving around the country, flashing people from a bus.  Not sure how he convinced his wife to give him the okay on that one, but to each his own.  I would encourage all of you to turn the other way, or shield your eyes at the very least, if you happen upon the Flash Bus.  But seriously folks.  It’s great to be back on Strobist and I hope you find what I have to say interesting.

More and more, lately, I have been emailing and meeting with photographers who are just starting out, and have questions about taking the next big step toward photography as a career.  What I love about these conversations is the lessons I am reminded of myself as I try to guide others.  In those lessons, I have been reminded of one thing above all others.  Practice what you preach.  But to be more specific, work hard and go after it.  

This could be said in many different ways, but the point I will focus on today is this: do what it takes to make your vision a reality.  This applies to just about everything in photography, from landing that first job with your dream client, to making the ideas floating around in your head a photographic reality.  Read more »


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