A Pop in Page Views

Congrats to Strobist reader Edward Horsford for making the front page of the internet. Yahoo chose his photo of a water balloon (without the balloon part) as a lede image for their curated gallery of high-speed captures.

Cool tidbit: More than a third of the images in the collection were by Strobist readers.

It was the first time I have seen Yahoo leveraging Flickr content to create a main-page gallery. If this is to become a regular thing, I would expect we'll see more Strobist Flickr group members getting this kind of insane exposure. I did a quick check while this was up on the Yahoo front, and Edward's Flickr page for this photo was getting about 3,000 views a minute.

I'll bet he sure was surprised when he saw it, if he did. You can see exactly how Edward lit the photo (with two Nikon SB's) here.



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