On Assignment: The Glass Menagerie

Since 1983, when I started stringing assignments for the Leesburg (FL) Commercial, I have always gravitated toward community journalism. I just find it intimate and rewarding to work within a tight geographic area and get to know the people who live all around you.

In the 27 years since, I have obviously gotten the chance to shoot in many interesting and exotic places in the years that followed. But I always gravitate back towards shooting locally -- especially where self-directed photographic projects are concerned.

Last year, I photographed Michael Stebbins, who is the creative and artistic director for The Rep Stage, a local theatrical company. The Rep is very highly thought of in our neck of the woods, and they produce an interesting and high-quality mix of plays every season.

After the shoot, I told him to keep me in mind should anything interesting ever come along, and that I would love to contribute. Last fall, he called me back with an opportunity that at once both piqued my interest and scared the crap out of me: To shoot the images that would be projected up on stage during a production of Tennessee Williams' American classic, The Glass Menagerie. Read more »


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